Tuesday, June 02, 2020

Warning: Homebrew Is Dangerous

"Gamemasters should not homebrew their RPGs. Ever. The dark fact is, it can be dangerous, both to the GM, and their players. Homebrewing is something that has to be done with extreme caution. It's really super hard. Even absolute Einsteins get blown out of the water by it. Frankly, most GMs should just avoid it or they could get hurt. Seriously. It'll put you in the hospital. I lost a leg during a homebrew in 2005. Look at this stump. And I know how to roll d20's! These days, I tell my friends - just don't do it. Stick with pre-fab rules systems and campaign worlds by reputable companies. Don't take stupid chances. Just say "Hell No" to homebrews. Otherwise you will regret it. They're just too damn - "
  • Pat Mordier, Dec 21, 2018

A recent interview with VB-Wyrde, et al, on Coast to Coast

Coast To Coast - Episode: 38 - The dangerous world of Hombrew RPGs

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