Tuesday, June 16, 2020

WoAF - Flagstaff to Ely - Planned Route

"The Way of All Flesh" is my current (and first) Cosmic Sci-Fi RPG Campaign using Elthos RPG and the Mythos Machine. The adventures thus far have been recorded on audio, but not released (due to low quality audio in many cases, so quite a bit of editing would be required).  However, I have sporadically given brief a synopsis of several game sessions, and intend to continue to do so going forward.

The Black Wind V Expedition began at the Kitt Peak Observatory in Arizona. The intended goal is to find the source of mysterious radio transmissions that have been triangulated at a location just west of the Salt Flats near Salt Lake City, Utah.

This is post-World War III (aka "The Ultra-War") America.  It's not a pretty sight.  But Civilization, under the banner of the New Federation, is on the mend.  People are optimistic.  And one of their primary objectives is to rescue stranded peoples and discover whatever pockets of survivors they can out there in the vast and tremendously hostile wastes of North America.  Nothing of the rest of the world is known, as atmospheric radiation has reduced radio transmissions to a pitifully short range, and only for brief bursts.  Hence, the expedition is on its way to discover who may have survived at that inhospitable location in Utah.  Maybe no one.

They set out from Kitt Peak, went to Phoenix where they discovered "The Western Militia" (a military force of US Patriots), then north on 17 to 93 towards Las Vegas. They were warned not to go to Vegas by the Western Militia so they then cut East on Route 40 to Seligman, Arizona where they found a very small community of survivors under the domination of one Jenkin's Mutmaw and his gang of henchmen (who tried to poison them and steal their Armored Ground Vehicle, but failed quite miserably at that). They then continued east to Ashfork, then Williams where they had a pitched battle against two members of the Mutmaw Gang and the Iron Talon Hermit, who miscalculated very badly by completely underestimating their opponents. Pita Tochristor was badly wounded, having been shot twice, but the wounds are not fatal. The Team is now located on a large slab of concrete in Parks, Arizona resting, recovering, and attempting to signal home base back in Tuscon via Ultra-Low Frequency Transmission.

Above is Captain Samwise's intended route from Flagstaff to Ely.

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