Monday, September 27, 2010

Black Hill Tower 1 - Game Notes

Outside of Glendale Valley there is to the East a region of land that is largely unexplored. Very far into this region, beyond the far limits of Hamfest Village there is a lonesome trail that leads up through the hills into the Black Forest. There one may find the Green Dragon Inn, and beyond that higher up into the mountains one may find the logging camp of the Highland Lumberjacks. They're the ones who have encamped the furthest east of anyone, and beyond that region of the forest even they are disinclined to venture. For the few that have gone further upward into the Mountains of the Black Forest have never returned. But recently a young and pretty little priestess of Minvar, Morgana Feyton, fell in with a man by the name of Mr. Montague, who whisked her away far up into the mountains to an ancient ruin named the Tower of Black Hill Forest. This place has been hidden by ages of time until the tower itself can hardly be seen for all of the overgrowth of vegetation which covers it. Down one side of the Tower descends a great Ivy which the aphid people call The Great Ivy Way, and at the top of which they have, hidden in the center of a stone block among those of the tower's parapet, is the Temple of the Aphids in which lives the Holy One of the Aphids. It is to this place that the 'Steel Wool Sheeps' Adventure Group journeyed to save Morgana from Mr. Montague, and it is at the base of the tower where he died, and was swept away by the Great Black Bird.

Along the Great Ivy Way there are branches and leaves which lead into the tiny kingdoms of the Insect Lords. These places are largely unknown and unfathomable by ordinary men. But the 'Steel Wool Sheeps' have come to know of them, and have made friends among the Princes of those strange, yet familiar, Kingdoms. And it is in these Kingdoms that decisions are made that effect the course of events for the whole world - unknown, and unfathomable to ordinary men as this may be. And it should be said that the Elkron themselves, those Mighty Celestials of the Outer and Inner Worlds, take notice of the events in the tiny Insect Kingdoms. And they may, at times, put their hands upon the events therein.

Upward in the Kingdoms of Men there is little notice of the aphids toiling among the leaves of their vines and flowers, nor of the ants that rove among them, nor the ladybugs that fly from tree to tree... but the Elkron know... and so do the 'Steel Wool Sheeps'... to some degree...

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