Friday, September 03, 2010

Fantastic Imagination

This article was written by George MacDonald, a member of the Inklings.
The natural world has its laws, and no man must interfere with them in the way of presentment any more than in the way of use; but they themselves may suggest laws of other kinds, and man may, if he pleases, invent a little world of his own, with its own laws; for there is that in him which delights in calling up new forms--which is the nearest, perhaps, he can come to creation. When such forms are new embodiments of old truths, we call them products of the Imagination; when they are mere inventions, however lovely, I should call them the work of the Fancy: in either case, Law has been diligently at work...
His world once invented, the highest law that comes next into play is, that there shall be harmony between the laws by which the new world has begun to exist; and in the process of his creation, the inventor must hold by those laws. The moment he forgets one of them, he makes the story, by its own postulates, incredible. To be able to live a moment in an imagined world, we must see the laws of its existence obeyed...
George MacDonald in this article is talking about the creation of Imaginary Worlds, though in reference to the creation of Fairytales, of which he wrote some wonderful examples. I highly recommend reading the article as it provides some very good advice for Gamesmasters who might want to create Worlds that are works of Art. I also even more highly recommend reading George MacDonald's works, as he was a fantastic writer!

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