Monday, September 06, 2010

Mr. Dwimbles, The Psychadelic Froggie

Once upon a time on a lilly-pad not far from The Great Ivy Way there lived a wondrous magical frog named Mr. Dwimbles.   He could see through into other dimensions, hop from plane to plane, and had lots of magical powers.  He was a very nice little frog and delighted in helping those in distress, or just to pass the time telling tall tales and drinking magical teas in Weeleena's lovely Tea House.  His best friend was Miss Banishaw, a very special little duck who lived in a little pond just around the bend.  She often made her way to the side of Black Hill tower to munch on the succulent grasses that happened to grow there.  And to visit with Mr. Dwimbles, of course.  Many a sunny afternoon was spent passing idle hours trading stories, and picking through the yummy tidbits they often found there.

Mr. Dwimbles, it should be said, was an adventurous frog and liked to wander far and wide to see whatever in the world he might.  And he saw many a strange thing on his journeys, indeed.  Once he came upon a tall mountain that sat on a dark old thunder cloud, upon which he found a great stone fortress in which lived a wicked old witch named Watho, the Storm Queen.   But that's a story for another day.

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